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For your convenience we have prepared a list of frequently asked questions.
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Payment by bank transfer

Payment by bank transfer
Once you have sent us your order you will receive an order confirmation by email, containing all the information you need for making a bank transfer.
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Delivery worldwide - 100% insured!

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The Coinhouse has been known as a House of Trust for the purchase and sales of gold and silver for many years. We wish to maintain that reputation, no matter what. Therefore we make a point of ensuring that every correctly paid order is delivered to the customer in immaculate condition.

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All prices of the coins in our e-shop include VAT.

Old collector's coins VAT margin scheme
All the coins in our assortment, the old as well as the new, obviously have a collector's value. For this reason the government considers them collector's items. Consequently, VAT is applied to the margin.

What is the VAT margin scheme?
Under the margin scheme, VAT is calculated only on the profit margin of The Coinhouse rather than on the total sales value. This applies to all the coins in our assortment. And it makes a huge difference for your purchase amount.

One of the conditions/consequences of applying the VAT margin scheme is that the calculated VAT amount does not figure on your invoice and hence is not deductible.