About us

The Coinhouse is a company where recognised expertise and proven reliability are core values. It is your best address for gold, silver and antique coins.

The Coinhouse manages three specialised websites:

  • www.thecoinhouse.eu
  • The site, is the centre point for numismatics: collectible coins, ranging from new collectables to very rare, unique coins. Also visit us for our upcoming LIVE AUCTIONS!
  • www.filabo.be presents a wide range of accessories for all collections. On top you will find here modern euro coins, world coins, banknotes, stamps, tradingcards, comics and much more!
  • As you would probably know, we are the editor of the Official catalogue for Belgian coins and banknotes from 1832 till present. For more information and data visit:

What is Numismatics?

Numismatics (from Latin numisma = coins) is the scientific study of all tangible forms and the history of money and similarly shaped items such as coins and cut stones, as well as related items such as coin dies, coin weights, printing techniques, coin legislation, etc.

Numismatics is usually practiced as a collector's hobby or as an investment, but also as a science, the reason being that in excavations, coins are usually the only objects that bear an inscription. In that context, numismatics can be a link between archaeology and written history.